About Us

Who We Are

We formed Delta Decisions to assist our clients in making sound, logical decisions using data to derive analytical solutions.

Our Approach

To ensure each of our projects generate the most accurate recommendations, our consultant teams maintain a variety of technical competencies and use a diverse set of analytical tools and methodologies, including:

  • Modeling and Simulation. We use simulation and optimization models to assist organizations to build virtual environments to implement operational changes for the purposes of evaluation and optimization prior to live implementation. These simulation models can forecast cost allocation over the life of the implementation, predict potential problems, determine necessary resources at each phase, and provide an anticipated rate of return on the initial investment. They save time and resources, allowing our clients to make decisions with ease.
  • SAS business intelligence tools. We use analytic tools—like SAS—to manage large amounts of data. Using client data, we identify current and anticipate potential issues and systemic problems, and we make recommendations for improvement within the framework of the client’s stated expectations.
  • Organizational development functions. Delta Decisions provides a gamut of organizational development functions, including but not limited to strategic planning and facilitation, business process re-engineering, workforce competency modeling, ISO 9001:2008 implementation, and Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and performance metrics establishment.
Shree Taylor
Shree Taylor

Dr. Taylor is committed to helping organizations perform more efficiently and effectively through the targeted use of data and analytical techniques. Aside from her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, she brings over 20 years of experience in helping commercial and non-commercial clients find and implement solutions.

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