Proven FAA Expertise, Operational Insights, and Budget

Budgets are tight and personnel overstretched. Yet the FAA must be both a champion and guardian of the nation’s aviation system. To help, Delta Decisions and LMI are partnering to create a trusted team that understands your challenges. Whether it’s extracting data from legacy information systems, synthesizing trends, building team consensus, or bridging the gap between needs and solutions, we have the technical competency to solve big problems within constrained budgets.

Delivering Results

  • Delta Decisions developed SOSM’s QMS and achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification on the first attempt—three months ahead of schedule.
  • LMI constructed a tech refresh model that is still being used by the FAA 10 years later.
  • Delta Decisions’ principal helped re-engineer workflows for the National Flight Data Center —reducing backlogs and increasing process throughput by 25%.

Getting started with eFAST:

  • Want to know the process for obtaining eFAST services? Please contact the eFAST Contracting Officers to determine the best acquisition strategy for your organization:[email protected] or [email protected]

14 Years of FAA Success

For more than a decade, our companies have tackled complex problems for the agency. Our work spans 10 offices, including the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), System Operations Services, Aviation Safety (AVS), and the Office of NextGen (ANG). We will leverage these insights to deliver results in two key eFAST areas:

  • Business Administration and Management
  • Computer/Information Systems Development

We have been a trusted partner on 15 contracts involving HQ and field offices. Our work includes:

  • System Operations Safety Management (SOSM): Designing, implementing, and achieving certification of an ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS). Facilitating three semi-annual team building and strategic planning sessions.
  • Office of Safety:Conducting a pre-assessment audit and implementing a sustainable QMS featuring continual process improvement.
  • Flight Standards Service (AFS):Supporting a change management team to facilitate implementation of a Safety Assurance System (SAS), developing templates to collect change management data, analyzing metrics to measure success, and making recommendations based on data gathered to better meet FAA’s goals.
  • System Approach for Safety Oversight Program Office (SASO):Researching industry and agency initiatives that systematically address safety, interviewing quality managers and others involved in maintaining aviation safety, and developing the conceptual construct for the FAA.
  • Office of NextGen (ANG):Creating aggregate traffic and flight delay charts for the overall United States and for the largest 35 U.S. airports. Improving the accuracy of FAA flight schedules by adding data on airport capacity and traffic patterns into forecasts.
  • Aviation Safety (AVS):Assessing strengths and weaknesses of existing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) plan. Developing new five-year OSH plan, revising the OSH handbook, designing a job hazard assessment template, and completing job hazard assessments for five tasks common to all AVS offices.

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