What We Do

As operations research consultants, we possess the skills to leverage scientific methods to identify and define a problem, provide a viable solution, and ultimately serve to implement the solutions.

Delta Decisions has experience performing a wide range of analysis and technical services for the federal government and commercial clients. We share our government and commercial partners’ commitment to excellence, which allows our consultants to develop superior solutions to solve client problems and improve performance.

We offer services in the following areas, including, but not limited to:


Delta Decisions uses analytics to evaluate current data and use it to make grounded recommendations for current and future business improvements. We help business entities learn to not only collect quantitative and qualitative data, but also to turn the data into information that can be used to make knowledgeable decisions.

Today’s government agencies collect large amounts of data that may belong to different divisions within the organization and reside in different databases. Delta Decisions uses business analytic tools to integrate all data onto one scalable analytical platform. Using this method, the analysis is not limited by the technology, size of data, or number of data feeds.

Analytical Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Delta Decisions’ analytical approach to business process reengineering (BPR) goes beyond traditional process mapping, assessment, and optimization to include the integration of traditionally siloed business processes. We analyze business processes to assist government organizations realign resources within agencies, according to time allocations, work priorities, and cost management.

Using analytic tools, Delta Decisions can take the BPR process a step further, allowing our team to track cost and resource allocations, provide impact analysis, and perform predictive analysis. Furthermore, we are able to leverage data from extended periods of time to determine the relationship between tasks and develop recommendations to increase shared efficiencies.

In order to achieve complete transparency with our clients, we also offer the option of viewing all of the information and analysis performed in a web-based portal. This portal allows all metrics, analysis, and reports to be made available to organizational stakeholders in real-time. Thus, compounding the benefit received from our services.

Strategic Planning

Analytics distinguishes our strategic planning methodology. As part of our strategic plan facilitation, we guide our clients through the following steps

  • Collect, analyze, and evaluate current data to understand the organization’s current state.
  • Conduct a gap analysis between the current organizational state and the optimum state outlined in the strategic plan.
  • Develop metrics for goal achievement.
  • Design an approach for the collection and evaluation of metrics.
  • Set milestones for evaluation and assessment.

For each of these steps, we are able to leverage the SAS platform to collect, analyze, and evaluate data far more rapidly than with alternative tools. For instance, when we conduct a gap analysis, develop performance metrics and once the metrics are in place, we can use business analytic tools to track an organization’s progress in real-time.

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulation is an analytic tool. Delta Decisions uses simulation and optimization models to assist organizations in building management system test beds which virtually implement operational changes for the purposes of evaluation and optimization prior to live implementation.

For instance, we realize many federal organizations still operate within a paper-based system and rely on physical filing capabilities for documentation and recording. Delta Decisions uses a variety of modeling tools and can design a model to simulate the effects of an automated system on time management, resource and space allocation, and cost savings. Without making any operational changes, our clients can assess the short and long-term risks and advantages of any change before implementation.

Using our modeling and simulation solutions, we provide our clients with sound information on which to base their business decisions. This approach allows us to provide our clients with different recommendations and present the trade-offs of each option prior to implementation.

Performance Metrics

Delta Decisions uses the information derived from our analysis to develop recommendations for organizational improvement, and we design performance metrics to help our clients manage the process of change.

Performance metrics are put in place to ensure a client efficiently monitors and manages the implementation of organizational change. For Delta Decisions consultants, the development of performance metrics is an art and a science. We recommend data-driven metrics that challenge the organization and drive improvement without over burdening employees with rapid change initiatives.

Our consultants use a variety of analytic tools to calculate performance metrics from disparate data sources and share the results through a user-specific web portal. This allows organizational line managers to easily record data, while executives and key stakeholders can monitor performance and progress in real-time.

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